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PVC is a durable material that’s resistant to weathering, which is why it’s so often used in building and construction. It’s also resistant to chemicals and doesn’t conduct electricity, making it crucial for use in high-tech applications, such as wire and cable.

TPEs are a family of rubber like materials that combine the characteristics of rubber with the recyclability and processing advantages of plastics.


4 Core PVC Data Cable

Product name: 2.6 A fast Charging cable,  Specification: 24AWG+34AWG, Conductor: 2*22+2*7, Overall Diameter: OD 3.5mm ID: 1.0mm


4 Core TPE Data Cable

Product Name: 2.6 A fast charging cable, Specification: 24AWG+34AWG, Conductor: 2*22+2*7, Overall Diameter: OD 3.0mm, ID: 1.0mm.


2 CORE PVC Data Cable

Product name: 2.6 fast charging cable, Specification: 24AWG, Conductor: 2*22, Overall Diameter: OD 3.5MM, ID: 1.0mm.


4 Core TPE With Foil

Product Name: 2.6 A fast charging cable, Specification: Shield Wire with Aluminum foil, Conductor: 2*22+2*7, Overall Diameter: OD 3.0mm.

About Us & We are
Colonist of manufacturing high quality Cables

Established in the year 2006 “Innotech Global PVT LTD’’ is the pioneer of manufacturing high quality consumer electronics in Pakistan. We pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality Data cable wires. We have a German imported highly sophisticated wire extrusion line to manufacture flexible multi core wires to be used in USB data cable manufacturing. We are well equipped to manufacture 3,000,000 meters of multi core flexible wire every month. Precision and professionalism are the back bone of our manufacturing process. We have state of the art quality control process in place to ensure we maintain high quality in our raw material as well as finished goods. Our products are widely appreciated for their durability, reliability, tensile strength and higher performance.

Ground Work

Engineering Facility

Inno Tech Machine-3

Cable binding machine

  • Machine Name: Automatic winding machine

  • Machine Power supply: AC220V/110V 50/60HZ

  • Machine Number of coils: 3-5 circles recommend, set by yourself

  • Machine Tie: Rubber core

Global Inno Machinery - 2

Molding machine

  • Machine Supply Ability at 1000 set per month.

  • Machine Weight (KG) 600.

  • Machine Screw Speed (rpm) from 0 to 170.

  • Machine Injection Pressure 1183/1019kg/cm2


We have introduced InnoTech Cables in our different private tasks completed in the city of Lahore. We are incredibly happy with the nature of the electric links introduced in these houses. Colleagues of M/s Alliance Cables are expertly strong as they handle the necessities of their client well indeed.

SAFAQIR Developers

This is to confirm that “InnoTech Global” brand wires and links has been checked by us and suggested for our progressing and impending ventures. The nature of Electric links are acceptable and as per the global principles. Additionally, the administrations for the stockpile of their item are likewise very fulfilled.

Tariq Electric PVT LTD


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